Family is the one of the most important and valuable gifts of our life.

I'm Aneesh Joseph

As a Cloud Infrastructure Architect and Server Administrator, I genuinely enjoy my profession. Currently, I serve as the CTO at, the web hosting division of Hoovai Technologies Pvt Ltd. I founded Hoovai Technologies Pvt Ltd in 2013 and have been leading the company as Managing Director since its inception.

Working history

AWS Cloud

I work on following services almost every days:

EC2, VPC, EBS, ELB, Elastic Beanstalk, Code pipeline, Code Deployment, Code Build, S3, Cloudfront, KMS, Lambda, KMS, VPN, Marketplace security firewalls [Fortigate, Sophos], Auto scaling.

Dedicated and cloud servers

Worked with top hosting providers to manage the dedicated servers, VPS, Cloud servers etc. I might have been personally configured 500 + servers in my career life time so far.


I’m so happy to live with such a beautiful family. My wife and I, along with our four kids, reside in Kochi, Kerala.


I am so glad to have a few great friends from my school days with whom I still maintain a healthy relationship. Meeting them whenever possible is a high priority for me.