How to identify which android app shows full screen google adds

I’m sorry this article is not related to what I usually used to post. I think this may help someone who wishes to get rid off the full screen video or image google adds. Normally when we install Free apps we may see the google adds just above the application and its’s okay as long as its free app. But when the app shows add on the home screen itself its not fair :)

This is what I did to see which app is causing the issue.

Step1: Wait for the add to appear on the home screen

Step2: As soon as add comes, do not cancel it.  Just use the other key so that this will be minimized. Now check the recent application button and you can see all recent application including the Google adds as a thumb view. If you carefully check the add you can see the name of the App just left the the Add.

Step3:  Decide you want to keep that application and enjoy adds or Uninstall it. In my case the app was App lock