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apache on linux

Install multiple versions of PHP on Linux

You can install all versions of php either from source or install the default version using yum installer. My server has php5.3 already installed and I am going to install PHP5.6 from source. Prerequisites Create required folders mkdir -p /usr/local/php56 mkdir -p /etc/php56 mkdir -p /etc/php56/php.d Download php5.6 wget Compile php ./configure –prefix=/usr/local/php56 –with-config-file-path=/etc/php56 …

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change php.ini values using htaccess

Using php_flag we can change php.ini values through an .htaccess file. For example if we need to change the php value of register_globals to Off we can do it using the following .htaccess php_flag register_globals off

Install Apache, Mysql, PHP in Lunux Server

Installing Apache

[[email protected] ~]# wget