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How to identify which android app shows full screen google adds

I’m sorry this article is not related to what I usually used to post. I think this may help someone who wishes to get rid off the full screen video or image google adds. Normally when we install Free apps we may see the google adds just above the application and its’s okay as long …

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How to attach a new disk to azure Linux VM

This will guide you how to attach a new drive to linux VM once it is created through Azure Portal Connect to server via SSH and run one of the commands and this will tell you the the new disk name grep SCSI /var/log/messages grep SCSI /var/log/syslog #Assume my drive is sdc Now create parson …

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How to build a scalable web application

We often develop web application without proper planning or architecture and finally at some point of time a scaling becomes impossible or spend a considerable amount of effort in terms of manpower and cost. I am not a DBA or Developer so I will be excluding those side, still I think this can be a …

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