Daily Archives: September 30, 2015

create a sample project in git

This is a sample project created to learn basic git commands such as clone, commit, push, pull and merge. #Project Name: shop #Bare Repo Path: /home/repos/shop.git 1. Create a bare repo git init –bare /home/repos/shop.git #Get a clone by user ‘Anna’ mkdir /home/Anna/shop cd /home/Anna/shop git clone /home/repos/shop.git . #Create a file called index.php  and …

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how to find current ssh port number in whm server

How to see the SSH port number if we have WHM with root access. Normally many hosting providers will change the default SSH port from 22 to any custom numbers. There is very easy method to find it if you have WHM root access.  You do not need to install any plugin to find it. …

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